Enabling farmers to switch crops
before climate change will hit them

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The solution of Habari to the challenge of Nature 2.0



Build the Unimaginable

8.7 million animal species have working ecosystems to fulfill basic needs such as housing, food, transportation, energy, etc. None of these ecosystems are based on ownership, identity as we use it, or money. Some aren’t even based on scarcity, but instead on cooperation, resulting in abundant resources. For free.

This is unimaginable and crazy to just one species, us humans, even as many other species live the reality.

Nature 2.0 challenged the teams to build a Commons, an Ecosystem to Create Abundance, an Ownerless Ecosystem.



Enabling farmers to switch crops before climate change will hit them

Our future food supply is in danger because of the adverse effects of climate change. Farmers around the globe never had to deal with the frost killing their plants before and lack affordable and sustainable protection solutions. Environmental data on crop loss is not available open source.

The Habari solution is an open source crop loss prediction model, enabling farmers worldwide to switch crops before climate change will make their current business impossible.

This data was not available for everyone until now. By making the solution open source, it allows everyone to monitor their crops and find the best adaptation mechanism to climate change.

Using AI, Habari makes a plant damage risk assessment possible and simplifies and improves decision making for farmers. Using blockchain to offer an open source global hub containing available local materials, blueprint designs for plant protection mechanisms/ solutions and environmental data, to allow anyone to act.

The code is adaptable for everyone who wants to contribute, which is important when using environmental data, which differs in each location, and the continuously changing weather patterns we will face with climate change. A simplification and improvement of decision making for farmers can only be achieved with the combination of blockchain technology and AI.

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