Accessible and up-to-date building information

The Solution of VX Company for the challenge of
the Dutch Land & Building Registry (Kadaster).



Creating a building wallet for
distributed data ecosystems

Our society must make the transition to an energy-neutral, circular economy. We must deal with evolving demands for housing due to ongoing urbanization and an ageing and diversifying population. We can reach only our circular goals with transparent and fair information positions for all players involved.

Kadaster challenged the teams to find a way  to make all information on real objects readily available to authorized persons and machines in a distributed data ecosystem, facilitating a circular, smart economy and minimizing the risk.



Accessible and up-to-date building information

Information regarding a single building is spread out between multiple actors, from the municipality, to the Land Registry (Kadaster), the building owner and more. This siloed information can be outdated, contradictory to information in another data silos and is not accessible for all relevant actors. This causes problems for the entire building industry and is a public hazard.

Society needs a distributed data ecosystem for all information regarding buildings, allowing for all information to be up to date, transparent and accessible.

The team’s solution is a permission layer, enabling the right parties and stakeholders to access, get and change data to any building, with no single party controlling or holding all the information.

VX Company built this permission protocol on top of a digital identity protocol in order to add an authority layer into the distributed data ecosystem, using the IOTA DLT.

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