A Privacy Breach Detector
Helping Governments Open Up

The Solution of Data5 for the Challenge of the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations



Develop A Privacy Breach Detector

Governments have a lot of data, which they’d like to share with everyone, as basically everyone has paid taxes to collect this data. However, government organisations are afraid of revealing personal information by enabling the combining of large amounts of data.

To test this, the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations challenges the teams to develop  a ‘privacy breach detector’ that would sound an alarm (‘Privacy breach!’) if the dataset the organisation wishes to unlock should not be made available, or only in an adapted form.



A privacy breach detector helping governments open up

Governments collect a lot of data, which they want to open up for the public, companies and other governmental organizations. One of the challenges to publishing open data is the risk of releasing datasets which accidentally, by cross-referencing with other datasets for instance, expose privacy-related information.

The solution, a Privacy Breach Detector, helps governments prevent privacy breaches when publishing new (governmental) open data in existing data fields, and to be compliant with GDPR. It will enable an international open data ecosystem.

Data5 used AI and Machine Learning techniques to recognise data breach patterns.

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