TVM invites you to help in the challenge of ensuring better reuse of freight packaging in a world without incentives and without transparency.




The Problem

Low trust and no incentive to share data. Currently many solutions in place, all implemented in silos with hardly any sharing of data. A central approach focusing on transparency over the complete chain is missing; no one owns the problem.

The solution

Protocol registering each RTI on a public blockchain. Via this protocol, you can get data from all solution providers (e.g. TellApe). Data is privately shared and not stored on the blockchain. The protocol contains the data model which describes the type of information that can be retrieved. The protocol can be at the core of any solution in this track. We open the way to AI governance!

Long term vision

Care for the planet by sharing data between parties, giving insights that will limit waste by the inefficient use of reusable packaging. More people are aware of the importance of caring for our planet. Our protocol will be free and open so that everyone can benefit. Packaging will be distributed and reused in the best way possible.