Kadaster, Fibree and the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations invite you to help in the challenge of aggregating and bundling a real-estate object’s distributed data through a Unique Object Identifier for all relevant stakeholders, demonstrating the benefits to real-estate developers, home-owners and regulatory bodies.



The Problem

Unique Object Identifiers (UOIs) are now still theoretical concept. We tackle the problem of generating UOI and ReCheck aims at enabling other participants and stakeholders to use it in their solutions. On the other hand, ReCheck is focused on solving the challenges related to searching UOIs, linking data (attributes) to UOIs and historical overview about changes in UOIs.

Their solution

Prototype for generating and searching in UOIs. Basic functionalities for attaching attributes to UOI, API for sharing created UOI with other teams and historical overview of UOI.

Long term vision

Frictionless and secure data exchange based on standard connector – the UOI. Reducing the transaction costs in real estate processes and unlocking huge untapped potential for managing real estate data in decentralised and efficient way.