Getting Ready Conference – How to Win the Odyssey Hackathon

March 13th, 2019

Delft, The Netherlands

Preparation is Half the Battle

Prepare your Odyssey with all participants, challenge-owners and Jedi on Wednesday, March 13, 18.00 at Yes! Delft in Delft, the Netherlands.

In the first week of March, you meet your challenge-owner to exchange the first ideas. At the Getting Ready on March 13, you find out and connect to everything else we have lined up for you in the Interactive Odyssey Knowledge Boutique.

Furthermore, you will learn

 – How to win the Odyssey Hackathon:)

 – All about the incubation of great performing teams after the Hackathon

Getting Ready is your tool to get a head start. Gather essential data, connect with the right people and ask your pressing questions. Don’t miss out!


Who can join?

The Getting Ready event is open exclusively for Hackathon participants, including all teams, crew, partners, members and friends of Odyssey.

Register now here.



18.00   Doors open, walk-in with pizza (srsly)

18.45   Opening by Rutger van Zuidam, founder

18.50   Word of welcome by Ras Lalmy, Managing Director Yes! Delft The Hague

18.55   Keynote: How the Hackathon has impacted my life by Michiel Klinge – CEO of Lemon Care

Watch teaser

19.10   The Odyssey Hackathon: how to win the Hackathon / everything you need to know by Rutger van Zuidam

19.25   The Odyssey Incubation program: how the Odyssey partners & ecosystem will support you and your solution after the Hackathon by Victoria Ous – Incubation Lead at Odyssey

19.40 Legal Support: how Odyssey’s Legal Partner Loyens & Loeff will support you by Martijn Schonewille – Partner at Loyens & Loeff

19.45 Who will support you on your endeavors?

Short presentations inviting you to start a conversation:

  • Factom Protocol (Niels Klomp)
  • VMWare (Jan-Willem Lammers)
  • IOTA (Dave de Fijter)
  • SIG (Michiel Cuijpers)
  • YES! Delft (Neil Smyth)
  • VentureLab North (Cees-Jan Groen)

20.10 1-slide presentations by all challenge-owners, on what they offer for teams that are not working on their challenge.


You have connected to your own challenge-owner and know how they will support you, now is the time to find out what other knowledge and expertise you can find at the 19 other challenge-owners for your solution.

  • Nature 2.0 (Jan-Peter Doomernik)
  • Fossil-Free Future (Michiel Sintenie)
  • Crisis and disaster-management (Lars Scheenstra)
  • International Travel (Jordi Knoppers)
  • 21st Century Digital Citizenship – Privacy Breach Checker (Cem Adiyaman)
  • 21st Century Digital Citizenship – Next Gen Digital ID (Hans-Rob de Reus)
  • Digital Nation’s Infrastructure – Becoming an Oracle (TBC)
  • Rethink Retirement – Manage your own retirement plan (Dean Masley)
  • Digital Nation’s Infrastructure – Building a Distributed Data Ecosystem (Nick van Apeldoorn)
  • Inclusive Banking – Circular Exchange of Tokenized Assets (Dre Kampfraath)
  • Future of Cargo Insurance – Cargo Insurance Protocol for the World (Thomas van Noort)
  • Feeding the Future – Enabling a Sustainable, Secure and Fair Value Chain (Laurent Genet)
  • Digital Nation’s Infrastructure – Government-backed Protocol for Digital Permissions (Ron Hanoeman)
  • Scaling Ecosystems – Tokenization of the Odyssey Ecosystem (Abe Scholte)
  • Scaling Ecosystems – Scaling Wildlife Protection (Anne Alexandre)


20.35 Closing remarks by Rutger van Zuidam

20.45 Interactive Odyssey Knowledge Boutique – connect to the Odyssey ecosystem support that was on stage tonight and find out how they can support you during the Hackathon.

22.00 End


*Please note: this event will not be available through livestream.


Location & practical information

Yes! Delft

Molengraaffsingel 12

2629 JD Delft, The Netherlands



From Delft Station:

Bus 40, 69, 174 to bus stop TU Kluyverpark. Go onto Watermanweg and walk straight ahead for 6 minutes.

From Rotterdam Central Station:

Bus 40 to bus stop TU Kluyverpark. Go onto Watermanweg and walk straight ahead for 6 minutes.



Free parking can be found at the following address: Schoemakerstraat 340 (Korfball Fortuna). Parking at the 3M building costs €6,-.